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How to install GraalVM and native-image on Ubuntu

In this guide, you gonna see how easy it is to install GraalVM on Ubuntu Linux and start using awesome features like cross-language communication, faster JVM and more.

Quarkus Command mode
Quarkus Command mode

Quarkus Command mode

Quarkus Command mode gives you the ability to write an application(or part of it) that starts, does some work, and then exits.

How to use Python with Quarkus and GraalVM

Quarkus is not just a backend framework. Rather, it’s a platform or ecosystem. With Quarkus you can write as JavaEE, as well as Spring applications, and even mix them, without…

Quarkus command mode with Picocli

Quarkus Command mode and Picocli

After this article, you’ll be able to write beautiful command-line tools for Quarkus with Picocli. This is the continuation of the first article about Quarkus mode

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